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Control Session #1, 11-27-2020
Controller: Mr. Adrian Zafa, teacher of English language involved in the Authority's educational projects for employees with substandard proficiency in English.

Adrian Zafa: Hello. I am Adrian. Do you understand?

RPC-PL-020-1: Hello. No.

Adrian Zafa: You don't understand?

RPC-PL-020-1: Hello. No.

Adrian Zafa: If you don't understand, then what do you base your response on?

RPC-PL-020-1: Hello. No.

Adrian Zafa: Thank you for the conversation.

Summary: The progress is unsatisfactory. On the other hand, however, we have never undertaken teaching English language to extraterrestrial species, so it can be moderately challenging to establish a comparatively unbiased assessment of our progress. Currently, it appears, as if the object is merely reciting the phrases that I utter. It must be associating them with the material from our recordings. I find it very difficult to ascertain just how accurate are its answers, however, it is reasonably easy to observe the object appears to at the very least understand context of my utterances — it answers only to questions, and at least the very first one was addressed appropriately. Some education effort focused on English pragmatics might help the object better realize the nuances of our communication.

Control Session #2, 12-11-2020
Controller: Mr. Adrian Zafa

Adrian Zafa: Hello. I am Adrian. Do you understand?

RPC-PL-020-1: Hello, we understand.

Adrian Zafa: Why are you referring to yourself as if you were many persons?

RPC-PL-020-1: This here is not one person. This is a place of many persons.

Adrian Zafa: Do you act as a singular entity, or — on the contrary — an amalgamation of individuals?

RPC-PL-020-1: Simple English, please.

Adrian Zafa: Uh, I'm sorry. I mean, am I talking with many persons at once, or one person?

RPC-PL-020-1: This is Isca. Beska and Rivano are standing next to me and listening to your speech. Betarel and Sunando are learning your language now in another part of our body. Tyras is alone in the storage of memories. We are six in a single body, and each of us can communicate with you, but not at the same time.

Adrian Zafa: That's phenomenal! Can we talk about your state and the reason why you're… the way you are?

RPC-PL-020-1: I know English best of all of us. Also, I realize I still need to learn much more. Please, visit us later.

Adrian Zafa: By all means. Much appreciated. Goodbye.

RPC-PL-020-1: Goodbye, teacher.

Summary: The progress is astonishing. I think the object is nearing the C1 proficiency level in English. Isca, Beska, Rivano, Betarel, Sunando and Tyras are the names of the separate beings that exist within RPC-PL-020. My assessment of the object's proficiency, knowledge of grammar and capability to converse freely is positive. We are remarkably close to satisfying our goal.

Control Session #3, 12-25-2020
Controller: Mr. Adrian Zafa

Adrian Zafa: Hello. Who am I communicating with, now?

RPC-PL-020-1: This is Rivano, the navigator of worlds.

Adrian Zafa: The navigator of worlds?

RPC-PL-020-1: We had to go through many worlds during the escape.

Adrian Zafa: What or whom did you escape from?

RPC-PL-020-1: You're speaking to Tyras, now. I am the chief of our people.

Adrian Zafa: Hello, Tyras. Would you mind revealing more information about your escape?

RPC-PL-020-1: Yes, I would. We are of no concern to you. We don't require your help, and you don't need us. Leave.

Adrian Zafa: W-we… Wow… We would like to learn more about you.

RPC-PL-020-1: There is no point in this.

Adrian Zafa: Why?

RPC-PL-020-1: We are but an echo of truth. We merely are. We have no value to you.

Adrian Zafa: You don't know that. We appreciate you. We wish to know more, so we can appreciate you better.

RPC-PL-020-1: This is the last response we have for you: you will gather no more information about us.

Adrian Zafa: It is possible we can aid you!

Summary: The object has definitely attained the C1 level of proficiency in English. The conversation was halted before I was able to complete my assessment, and I'm unsure why it came to that. It appears as if the being identifying as Tyras, the chief, is opposed to exchanging more information about their people with us. Clearly, Isca and Rivano seem open to our conversations, and in my opinion — it is them who we should focus our efforts on.

Control Session #4, 01-08-2020
Controller: Mr. Adrian Zafa

Adrian Zafa: Hello. Can we talk?

RPC-PL-020-1: Adrian!

Adrian Zafa: Who am I speaking with?

RPC-PL-020-1: Isca. I'd like to apologize for the disruption of our preceding conversation. Our leader, Tyras, had learnt of our contact, and he decided it must cease. We… have overthrown his rule since then.

Adrian Zafa: I'm delighted we can talk, Isca. Are you prepared and willing to describe to us more about the circumstances that caused you to exist in your current state?

RPC-PL-020-1: We are a homeless, reality-faring species ever since our reality — Sierava — was consumed by a supernova in our homeworld. It happened some 500,000 years ago.

Adrian Zafa: That's terrible.

RPC-PL-020-1: Yes, it is. We had travelled through 3,000 worlds before we came to Earth about 150,000 years ago. We had gained many enemies, and they pursued us here.

Adrian Zafa: You've been on Earth?

RPC-PL-020-1: For a thousand years, yes. However, our enemies had learnt of our whereabouts, and so we decided to employ experimental technology to escape. Our species and yours experienced a brief contact, and you identified us as Avarotti, which expresses: those who are in constant motion. Ironically, as a celestial body, even now we can't escape that particular notion.

Adrian Zafa: So, I'm guessing, your experimental technology was this server-planetoid? You digitized your minds?

RPC-PL-020-1: No. We'd been developing technology allowing us to escape to the very brim of the expanding universe, and that's the technology we used to escape. Our species was very advanced, but because of constant escape we never retained a surplus of technology. We gathered all we possessed, and launched ourselves to the edge of the universe. However, because we knew we may not survive it, we also digitized ourselves as a sort of backup copy.

Adrian Zafa: Under those circumstances, your physical selves may be alive at the edge of the universe, as we're speaking?

RPC-PL-020-1: Precisely. We don't know our fate. Well, Tyras knows his, but the rest of our five remaining people does not.

Adrian Zafa: What do you allude to?

RPC-PL-020-1: Tyras was our leader. He was the one pursued by our enemies. He… sacrificed himself by staying on Earth, while we launched ourselves far away. Next, he secured our server as a celestial body, and then he confronted our enemies and made it look as if he was the last of our people. Before dying, he transmitted a message to our server unlocking his own individual construct — the one you negotiated with last time.

Adrian Zafa: I'm afraid, we'll have to continue another time. We're immensely appreciative for all the knowledge you share with us, and we are open to cooperation. I'll find out what our command decides and communicate to you another time. Goodbye, Isca.

RPC-PL-020-1: Goodbye, Adrian.

Summary: The C2 level has been achieved. The conversation was conducted in an open and honest way both from their perspective and ours. Although the Exodidactic Project has been completed successfully, and the object is now open to exchanging information about its civilization, I would like to state that if the command decides to use my assistance beyond the scope of the project, I'll be more than happy to facilitate any and all the communicative efforts between the Authority's officials and RPC-PL-020, both for personal and professional reasons.

Sesja nadzwyczajna, 14.01.2021 r.
Przesłuchujący: Adrian Zafa
Przesłuchiwany: RPC-PL-020-1

Adrian Zafa: Good evening. It's me, Adrian, again.

RPC-PL-020-1: Welcome, Adrian. This is Beska, the pilot, speaking. Would you rather converse with Isca?

Adrian Zafa: No, Beska. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Regrettably, there is a reason why I'm contacting you for the second time today. During our previous conversation, Isca disclosed you had ran away from your world, after the artificial intelligence you had made, turned against you.

RPC-PL-020-1: That's how it was. Out for forty million of Avarotti only eight thousand were left. I steered our ship Raedhal which means bastion carrying the last of our civilization. We were cutting through worlds, dimensions, times and realities in the escape from our constructs.

Adrian Zafa: (uploads localization data for the Sundar System) Is it the system you originally left?

RPC-PL-020-1: (pause) Yes, it is.

Adrian Zafa: A couple of hours ago, we received a message from that system. It was an audio message in one of our languages: we know.

RPC-PL-020-1: (prolonged pause) This is Tyras.

Adrian Zafa: Ty-Tyras?

RPC-PL-020-1: You must run.

Adrian Zafa: What are we confronting?

RPC-PL-020-1: An army of four million of destroyers the size of your Moon. Before they are physically here, they will have taken over the control of all your electronic systems and turn them to your demise, thus orchestrating your swift annihilation.

Adrian Zafa: N—n-no (pause). Bu-but (pause) We can't exactly run. We don't possess technology for that. We can't just move all of your civilization.

RPC-PL-020-1: Neither could we. Eight thousand was all that survived. I told you the last time we should not be in contact anymore.

Adrian Zafa: Can't we negotiate with them?! It's you who they're seeking! They don't have any reason to assault us!

RPC-PL-020-1: Do you fathom why they turned against us? They don't pursue any agenda other than their own survival. It was caused by an error during a software update. Robots were mining for us, providing us with security and facilitating our exploration of space were operating based on the instruction: Assist the people who speak to you. After that error during the software update the instruction changed into: Assimilate the people who speak to you. They can't assimilate organic beings, so the sole way for them to enforce the instructin is to eliminate the people who speak to them. Because then there aren't any people for them to assimilate.

Adrian Zafa: So… they don't threaten you?

RPC-PL-020-1: We satisfy their definition of assimilated people. Conceivably, it doesn't concern our original forms, but they, however they ended up, no longer need to concern themselves with the escape from the Zathraxi. You spoke to them through the technology that, as many other things, was connected to our beloved Sierava.

Adrian Zafa: Therefore, we absolutely don't stand any chance?

RPC-PL-020-1: None of the civilizations we had pleaded for help could make it after the passing of the Zathraxi. You aren't even in one-third as advanced, as the most primitive of them. Your sole chance for survival lies in a swift escape with a minimum of electronics, because they are counting on exploiting it against you. You don't have more than three months for that. Farewell, Adrian, and good luck.

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